CHI Mission and More

Helping children with Cystic Fibrosis live life

This page summarises CHI’s vision, mission, values and objectives.

Our vision . . . . . how we see the future

A world where all children with cystic fibrosis are given the opportunity to benefit from good care, enjoy their childhood and look forward to their future as adults.

Our mission. . . . . what we do

Improve standards of healthcare for children with cystic fibrosis.  We deploy suitable UK volunteer clinical and other specialists to share expertise and help develop local potential in ‘client’ countries, taking account of local constraints.

Our values . . . . how we do it

  • Respect for the needs and wishes of all we work for and with.
  • Forward looking developing and encouraging local potential.
  • Effective good management and planning.
  • Good governance acting with integrity and openness.

Our objectives . . . .for the period 2016-2019


  • Develop project plans based on opportunities and resources available with clear objectives and evaluation for each activity.
  • Develop a process to quantify project outcomes.
  • Provide the resources and commitment to maintain and manage projects to support the agreed program – recruit at least one new project manager.
  • Maintain contact with CF Europe and restore connection with CF Trust. Explore possible cooperation with other charities and local organisations.
  • Develop training packages in nutrition and physiotherapy which can be used directly with parents’ associations.


  • Keep fundraising strategy under continuous review to ensure expected income for the current year plus cash balances are sufficient to support current year projects and maintain cash reserves equivalent to the previous year’s total expenditure.
  • Recruit additional regular donations, update the database of supporters removing inactive names and make more use of the live contacts.
  • Develop our presence on social media and produce two email newsletters per year.
  • Maintain and develop relationships with Abbott Laboratories and Winchester College.
  • Approach other companies and trusts when justified by successful expenditure.


  • Ensure CHI keeps abreast of latest developments in CF and Charity management.
  • Recruit at least one new trustee, an ‘Hon Sec’ and a potential new Chair