Greece News

October 2018 – Since we started work in Greece the department have appointed an administrator and delegated routine prescribing to family doctors so that the CF specialist can spend more time with patients. Danai Chandrinou, a physiotherapist funded by the patients’ association visited Southampton General Hospital for three weeks to study the latest practice. Among other things she said that her visit “helped me to understand the significance of keeping records and having a continuously updated overview of the patient’s history, which might affect positively patient’s performance”.
Dr Carol continues to hold a clinic in Athens every couple of months and the new staff have come to Southampton for training. Most recently a microbiologist came to Southampton in May to learn how to identify the various infections that affect CF patients and select the most appropriate antibiotics.
In February 2019 Mary and two nurses from Southampton University Hospital will visit Athens for approximately three days, to assist them in the developing a program of patient visits at home, specifically in the setting up of IV systems. 
And also in February a CF consultant from Thessaloniki, the other major CF clinic in Greece, is coming to Southampton for three months in preparation for taking over the CF unit there after the forthcoming retirement of the current senior doctor.

February 2017 – Dr Mary Carroll gave an interesting talk on her work in Greece at the CHI committee meeting. Click here for her slides.

January 2017 – During 2016 two physiotherapists from the adult CF service in Athens spent a week with the adult service in Southampton and the new head of the Athens service spent 3 months here funded by a grant from the European Respiratory Society studying all aspects of the service. In the summer we funded two physios to attend training in Belgrade organised by CF Europe and in September a physio from Thesaloniki spent a week in Southampton.

Maria Sarantari, the physio from Thesaloniki, with the team in Southampton

Plans are now being developed for a further full multi-disciplinary team visit to Athens.

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