Visit from Ukraine, February 2012

Our work with Ukraine began with a CHI visit to Ukraine in 2002. After that there was a long gap, and the project revived with visits in both directions in 2011.  As a result of the more recent interactions, we had a request from the team in Ukraine to visit again in 2012.

A Lviv team visited the Royal Brompton Hospital in February for training.  The team of Dr Iryna Shchurovska (Head, Intensive Care Unit, Children’s Hospital, Lviv), Svitlana Orel (physiotherapist) and Olena Korytova (specialist nurse) was hosted by Dr Rosenthal (RBH) and Tony Wolstenholme (CHI).  European visa complications delayed the start, but they still found the training very valuable, and were able to enjoy a happy weekend including a visit to Windsor.  Svitlana and Olena also attended a regular multi-disciplinary team meeting at RBH the following Monday.

Some time after the visit, the Ukraine Government decided to withdraw free creon, a critical enzyme, for CF sufferers as a “public spending cut”.  This has been reinstated in Western Ukraine after local pressure and intervention by Dr Rosenthal.