Board Secretary / ‘Hon Sec’ Role

Job description

Ensure the smooth functioning and accurate recording of trustee business, safeguard CHI’s ‘corporate memory’ and facilitate hand overs between officers:

  • Arrange dates and venues for board meetings
  • Circulate agendas and other papers as required
  • Take minutes
  • Maintain CHI Policies and ensure regular reviews
  • Maintain lists, with contact details of members, trustees and project managers
  • Ensure new trustees and project managers receive copies of CHI Articles, Objects and Policies
  • Receive external communications via post or the website and distribute as appropriate
  • Maintain records of external commitments, memberships etc.
  • Encourage and moderate the use of Google Docs.

Ensure that CHI donors and volunteers are kept informed and committed:

  • Maintain a database of donors, volunteers and supporters
  • Publish regular (quarterly?) newsletters by email or social media
  • Organise occasional events for supporters to meet and discuss CHI activities
  • Maintain and periodically refresh CHI profile on volunteering websites
  • Seek coverage in the local press and news sites.