Project Manager Role

Project Manager Job Description

Manage the relationship between CHI and an overseas CF centre so as to improve the lives of CF children in that location.

  • Maintain good relationships with the overseas centre staff, the Parents Association and the UK clinical team.
  • Develop work plans in consultation with these groups and in accordance with CHI’s Mission and Values. (Typically an outline plan for three years and detailed proposals for the next 6 to 12 months, updated annually.)
  • Obtain Board approval for the work plan and budget.
  • Seek external funding from potential sponsors, e.g. pharmaceutical companies and ex-pat associations.
  • Carry out the work plan: Manage and participate in visits to and from the overseas centre:
    • Agree the objectives and detailed agenda.
    • Conduct a risk assessment.
    • Arrange visas if required.
    • Arrange transport and accommodation.
    • Provide interpretation if required.
    • Arrange appropriate entertainment / leisure activities.
    • Facilitate the visit to ensure objectives are met and participants have a good experience.
    • Manage visit finances and keep accounts.
    • Take notes and photographs.
    • Write a report of each visit for our records and update the country plan.
  • Report progress, or the lack of it, and share experiences with fellow Project Managers and trustees.
  • Maintain contact with partners and gather feedback on the results of the visit in terms of benefits to patients.