Projects often begin at the invitation of the CF specialist doctor or the parents’ association in another country. We usually send a small team on an exploratory visit to see how help can best be provided. Thereafter, we often send a complete team (Doctor, physiotherapist, dietician and specialist nurse with a CHI project manager) to the country concerned and later invite suitable personnel back to the UK, usually for about 1 week. This general methodology is described in more detail here.  Each overseas team is supported by one of our volunteer medical teams in the UK.

Outcomesx240We often find that while the CF doctor is well informed, specialist physiotherapists, dieticians, and nurses either don’t exist or are poorly trained. Addressing this is key to our work. Family involvement is vital both in understanding the condition, administering physiotherapy and medication as well as providing an optimal diet. Parent Support Groups also play an essential role in campaigning for improved medical services so we work closely with them as well as the medical teams. The video clip shows various aspects of the team’s involvement. It was recorded in Ukraine, but is typical of many of our projects.

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