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Moldova cystic fibrosis care

A new chair of the Moldova CF Association was appointed, taking a more active role in lobbying government and raising funds to increase the quality of Moldovan cystic fibrosis care.  A new out-patients unit opened with assistance from a German charitable foundation, operated two days a week by Dr Turcu, and with strong support from the CF Association. Contact with Child Health International was reinitiated with a request for help securing medical equipment.
In May 2015 CHI sent donated drugs and equipment to the new centre, transported free in one of their regular trucks by MAD (Make A Difference) Aid. These were gratefully received and distributed to patients in need.

MAD Aid specialise in taking second hand medical equipment, mostly donated by NHS hospitals, to Moldovan clinics. When asked what was needed, Dr Turcu replied:

“Our list of equipment required is long, but any help is welcome:

  • Medical spacers with mask
  • Compressor nebulizer systems PARI
  • Nebulizers PARI
  •  spirometer (for lung function)
  • Pulse oximeters
  • Hydroalcoholic solution for disinfection

Electric steam sterilisers for nebulizer disinfection”