Lithuania News

January 2017 – Following a very successful visit to Vilnius in 2014 the team concluded that “There is no doubt that CF care in Vilnius is better for the involvement of CHI.  It has enabled the sharing of modern treatment methods (the Brompton guidelines are being used) and key professional staff have changed practice as a result… can be stated quite unequivocally that there is no lack of understanding about what now constitutes good, modern CF care. However, the key issue remains a cultural one…. the real key to loosening the medical grip is perhaps not a lack of will but a lack of resources. A few more Physiotherapists or Dieticians and any significant Psychology input could transform the model.”

As a result we do not plan further team visits but will support training physiotherapists, dieticians or outreach nurses when they become available. We also continue to support the parents’ association in their campaigning work. For more background, click here.