Visit to Royal Brompton Hospital Timelines: Russia

Professor Elena Kondratyeva returned to Royal Brompton Hospital (RBH) for one week in late November 2014 with Dr Siobhan Carr and the CF paediatric department. During her time at RBH, a follow-up meeting to the July 2014 meeting took place.

Significantly, the Russian CF service in Moscow had been reviewed by Professor Tiddens of the Erasmus University Medical Centre in Rotterdam. He made a series of recommendations and pledged the support of EUMC in implementing them. His recommendations included:

  • Uniform cross-infection prevention.
  • Better collaboration between the CF team and other hospital specialists.
  • Rationalise / improve physiotherapy provision.
  • More nutritional advice.
  • Encouraging the various parents’ associations to merge. (comment: to form a body more like the UK’s CF Trust)
  • Developing a research capability with a view to joining the ECFS Clinical Trials Network and accessing research funding.
  • Developing an Electronic Patient Dossier.

As of 2021, we are unaware of the progress of the Tiddens recommendations.