We have a new website!

The recent advances in cystic fibrosis drugs and treatments in the UK has highlighted the growing inequality in care for so many children and young adults living abroad. Added to the impact of Covid-19 on cystic fibrosis communities worldwide and the disparity in vaccine availability, Child Health International’s work has become more important than ever. We need more supporters to help us fund our work, we need more UK CF centres to join our team and share their skills, and we need to make sure that overseas teams that could benefit from our support, know how to find us and get help.

To achieve all this (no easy task!), we’re starting with the basics. We’ve refreshed our website and we’re getting on top of our social media. It’s a long process and we have some way to go yet, but we need your help! Please share our new website as widely as possible, encourage family and friends to look us up, and follow us on social media.

Of course, we’ll probably make mistakes. So please, send us feed back, we’d love to hear your thoughts, positive or negative, they’ll all help us improve!